pediatric sleep consultant Shannon Weakley

Hi, my name is Shannon, and I’m a Pediatric Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®.

If you just breathed a sigh of relief you are in the right place! Yes, help is out there, and a good night’s rest for not only your child, but for your entire family is within reach.

As a Gentle Sleep Coach ® I’m part of a world-wide network of sleep coaches who partner with Pediatricians, Doulas, and Lactation Specialists to care and support families just like yours. Read more here

I promise you, together, we will get your life back. Contact me here



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Shannon our Gentle Sleep Coach was professional, insightful, and incredibly knowledgeable when it came to our daughter's sleep (inclusive of environment, routine, night feeds, nutritive sleep timing, etc). She listened, offered tips, created a plan, and helped us tailor it exactly to our family and our daughter's personality and sleeping situation. She offered constructive criticism in a professional manner, when necessary. And, above all, she was our biggest cheerleader and supporter. We are now all getting sleep, which is a wonderful thing.

- Brooke Krantz